Rubber Group Planting Scheme

This is one of the major Scheme taken up by the MCCDB in collaboration with the Rubber Board of India. In this scheme the small and marginal grower of the state who take up rubber plantation are to be brought under a single umbrella namely Rubber grower's society/ Rubber Producer's society, so that some of the main problem like contacting the Technical officers, bringing the plantation materials, raising the polybag nursery, taking up of the pre-planting operation etc can be undertaken under this banner for the benefit of the members. The cost of cultivation and cost of production have to be brought down and production and productivity increased to enjoy the full benefit of the rubber plantation by the members. All this can be achieve by a Group approach.

The break-up of financial assistance for the scheme (for SC/ST communities) is:

  1. Share from the Rubber Board- 65.7%
  2. Share from the State Govt.(MCCDB)- 14.9%
  3. Share from the beneficiaries- 19.4%

The detailed break-up of the financial subsidy which involve a total expenditure of an amount of Rs 67,000/ per hectare for a gestation period of years is as below:

Year Subsidy From Rubber Board Subsidy From State Govt./MCCDB
1st Year Rs.14,000/- Rs.2,500/-
2nd Year Rs.5,000/- Rs.1,250/-
3rd Year Rs.5,000/- Rs.1,250/-
4th Year Rs.5,000/- Rs.1,250/-
5th Year Rs.6,000/- Rs.1,500/-
6th Year Rs.9,000/- Rs.2,250/-

Requirement for availing the Scheme:

To avail the Scheme the beneficiaries should fulfill some of the basic requirement, which are:

  1. The beneficiaries should form a Group/Society of not less than 10 members.
  2. Each group members should posses land document for the area to be taken up for plantation or should get a certificate from the local Head man/ Sirdar/Nokma.
  3. The group/society should ensure the initial source of funds through entrance fee, monthly/yearly subscription etc.