Soil and Water Conservation

Vol.04 Issue No. 04
July - December, 2002

Definition of Wasteland

  • Society of Promotion Wasteland Development (1982): defined wastelands as such wasted areas presently in the possession of public or private sector agencies/Institutions/Government/Panchayat and even under the ownership of individuals and which are being utilized for less than their optimum potential.
  • Bhumbla and Khare (1984): wastelands are those lands which are ecologically unstable, whose top soil has nearly been completely lost and which have developed toxicity in the roots zones inhibiting growth of most plants; both annuals and perennials. All lands which are rendered degraded due to water and wind erosion, floods water logging, Soil salinization and Alkalinization.
  • National Wasteland Development Board (1985): Wasteland are those lands which for one reason or another do not fulfill their life sustaining potential through the impact population pressure both human and lifestock and short sighted development policies and have progressively lost their ecological and economic functions; intensifying poverty and human misery. Excessive felling of forests, especially in ecologically sensitive areas, over grazing by pastures indiscriminate use of forest and fertile land for industrial and other development in appropriate agricultural practices have all contributed to the creation and spread of wasteland.
  • National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) Defined wasteland as those lands which are presently not being used to their optimum potential due to some constraints.


Words of Wisdom

  • Success doesn’t mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. it means winning the war, not every battle.
  • Success is just a matter of an idea back by initiative and effort.

Officiating Promotion and Posting

  • Shri R.L. Massar, Accountant PFC, Shillong as Head Assistant Ri Bhoi Division, Nongpoh.
  • Shri Jitendra Marak, Accountant Tura (CC) as Head Assistant, Baghmara S.C. Division.
  • Shri Huebird Marak, Accountant Baghmara as Head Assistant cum Accountant, Tura (CC).
  • Shri Paulinus D. Sangma, Accountant, Nongstoin as Head Assistant, Soil Survey Division, Shillong.
  • Smt. A. Lyngdoh, Accountant Jowai (T) Division as Head Assistant Jowai (T), Jowai.
  • Smti. R. Shylla, UDA Jowai (T) as Accountant Jowai (T) Division.
  • Shri Marjonath K., Marak; UDA Tura (T) as Accountant, Nongstoin (T), Division.
  • Shri Ram Sing Marak, UDA Baghmara as Accountant, Shillong (T) Division
  • Shri Garden Marak UDA, Shillong (T) as Accountant Ri Bhoi S.C. Division.
  • Shri Winvery Marak, UDA Simsanggre as Accountant ; Tura (CC) Division.
  • Shri Luckson D. Sangma, UDA Simsanggre as Accountant Baghmara (CC) Division.
  • Shri R.E. Lapasam UDA, Shillong (T) as Accountant Project Formulation Cell, Shillong.
  • Shri Irwin Marak LDA Tura (T) as UDA, Simsanggre Division
  • Shri Jonilson T. Sangma, LDA Tura (T) as UDA, Baghmara (CC) Division.
  • Shri Jonindro B. Sangma, LDA Tura (T) as UDA, Shillong (T) Division.
  • Shri R.H. Passah (S/K) Jowai (T) as UDA Jowai (T)
  • Smti. Rose Mary Marak, LDA Tura (T) as UDA Tura (T)
  • Shri W.S. Rapthap, LDA Soil Survey Division as UDA of Shillong (CC) Division.
  • Smti. M. Suting, LDA Shillong (T) as UDA Shillong (T)
  • Smti. D. Kamar, LDA Jowai (T) as UDA Jowai (T) Division
  • Smti C.V. Syiem, LDA Shillong (T) as UDA Shillong (T)
  • Shri C.B. Iawphniaw, LDA, PFC Division as UDA, PFC Division
  • Shri Ponder M. Sangma, LDA Tura (T) as UDA, Shillong (T) Division
  • Shri Comfort Strin Sangma, LDA Tura(T) as UDA Engineering S.C. Division, Shillong.


Where Am I

"4 (Four) Group of People"

Jaw Bones : Who talks a lot and do nothing.

Wish Bones : Who wish some one will do something.

Knuckle Bones : Who knock whatever any one tries to do.

Back Bones : Who get under the load, do the works and alter the course of History.



What should they say?

* Three buddies die in a car crash, and they go to heaven to an orientation.

They are all asked, "When you are in your casket and friends and family are mourning upon you, what would you like to hear them say about you? The first guy says, "I would like to hear them say that I was a great doctor of my time, and a great family man."

The second guy says, "I would like to hear that I was a wonderful husband and school teacher which made a huge difference in our children of tomorrow."

The last guy replies, "I would like to hear them say, "Look! He’s moving!"

* A man went to the shop to buy an umbrella. After looking through their collection, he made his choice. "Tell me", he asked the shopkeeper, "Will this umbrella last long?". The shopkeeper replied, "Save it from the sun and rain". It will last long.

Soil & Water Conservation Meghalaya Newsletter. Vol. 4 (4) July - December, 2002