Soil and Water Conservation

Vol.06 Issue No. 06
July - December, 2003

Celebration of National Land Resources Conservation Week

The National Land Resources Conservation Week, 2003 was observed from 14th to 20th November, 2003 in the State of Meghalaya. The observation of the Week was organized by the Department in various villages in all the Districts of the State. Various programmes relating to the theme of the Week were held and conducted by the Divisional Soil Conservation Offices of the Department in the respective areas falling within their jurisdiction.

At the beginning of the celebration of the Week, the Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation delivered a Message which was widely telecast by Doordarshan Kendra, Shillong.

28th October, 2003 (DSCO-Nongstoin):

The Nongstoin Soil Conservation Division organized an Essay Competition on the topic "Deforestation and Jhum cultivation and their effects on the environment". Participants at the competition were invited from prominent schools of the district of 

West Khasi Hills. The Division also organized a Basketball Tournament at Nongstoin. In the final which was held on November 14, Smti. Irene Lyngdoh, Minister of State for Soil Conservation was the Chief Guest and distributed the prizes to the winners.

Winner of Basket ball Tournament
Smt I Lyngdoh, Minister of State for Soil Conservation, give away prizes to Winner of Basket ball Tournament.

3rd November, 2003 [DSCO-J-(T) & (CC)]

The two Soil Conservation Divisions from Jaintia Hills District organized the Inter-School Drawing and Painting Competition on the theme "Proper Land Use Management". 32 nos. of students from 8 nos. Higher Secondary Schools of Jowai town participated at the competition.

An Inter Club KnockOut Cricket Tournament was also held from 4th to 14th November, 2003 in which 17 local Clubs from Jowai town participated. On 27th November, 2003, the Division organized a Seminar on the theme "People’s Participation in Natural Resources Management" in which a number of Resource persons from varied backgrounds and expertise presented papers.

Painting Competition
Painting Competition in progress during the Celebration of the NLRCW at Jowai, Jaintia Hills District.

People’s participation in Natural Resources Management
Seminar on the "People’s participation in Natural Resources Management" at Jowai District Auditorium.

4th November, 2003 (DSCO-SIM)

The Simsanggre Soil Conservation Division organized an Extempore Speech and Quiz Competition at Rongrenggre Govt. Higher Secondary School. A Cross Country Race for all Higher Secondary School Students was also organized on the 14th November at Rongrenggre. On November 20, a Farmer’s Training-cum-Workshop was also conducted at Williamnagar.

participants at a cross country race at Rongrenggre Village
"Raring to go - participants at a cross country race at Rongrenggre Village".

12th November, 2003 (DSCO-Baghmara)

The South Garo Hills Soil Conservation Division, Baghmara conducted a General Knowledge Competition in which High School students from the area participated. An Extempore Speech Competition for college students was also held on the 13th November, 2003. The theme for this competition is "Soil, water and forest". This was followed by a 10 km. Marathon race where school children of the township participated.

On 18th November, 2003 the Division conducted a Workshop on "Preservation of soil, water and forest through various soil conservation schemes" in which members of NGOs, community leaders and farmers from the watershed areas took part. The Division also present awards to three numbers of outstanding farmers who had been able to sustain and improve their works with the assistance provided by the Division. These are Shri Rogon Marak of Baigonkona village, Shri Hitler Marak of Gittinggre village and Shri Rugasing Momin of Gaobari village.

19th November, 2003 [(DSCO-Shg (T) & (CC)]

On 19th November, 2003, the two Shillong Soil Conservation Divisions jointly organized a Seminar on "People’s Participation in Natural Resources Management" at All Saints Cathedral Hall, Shillong. Participants at the Seminar were drawn from members of NGOs from Shillong and other areas of the East Khasi Hills District. The Resource Persons at the Seminar include noted columnists, academicians and religious leaders. Shri P.W. Muktieh, Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation was the Chief Guest at the Inaugural function of the Seminar. The Divisions also organized a Football Competition where a number of teams from within and outside Shillong participated.

The Shillong Soil Conservation (T) Division along with the Umpling-Umrynjah Watershed Association also organized a number of sports and cultural activities at Umrynjah village.

National Land Resources Conservation Week
"National Land Resources Conservation Week" a drama organised by Umpling Umrynjah Watershed Association at Umrynjah Village.

Shri P. W. Muktieh, Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation
Shri P. W. Muktieh, Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation, Meghalaya speaking as the Chief Guest during the Seminar at All Saints Cathedral Hall, Shillong.

21st November, 2003 [DSCO-Tura (T)]

The Tura Soil Conservation Division organized an Award Giving Ceremony on the 21st November, 2003. Five numbers of farmers had been selected for the award which include a cash prize of Rs. 2000/- each and a Certificate of Achievement. The farmers are Shri Jenggagan M. Sangma of Doldengagre, Sanjong Sangma of Aranggre, Klenson Marak of Wakka Ka’magre, Gonam Marak of Me’gonggre and Shri Roson Marak of Wa’ram Songmagre village.

At the function presided over by Shri R.W. Momin, Joint Director of Soil Conservation, Tura, the Chief Guest was Shri H.G. Momin, former Director of Soil Conservation. Shri B.M. Sangma, DSCO gave the introductory speech with detailed explanation about conservation of land resources. About 100 nos. of farmers, officers and staff of the Soil Conservation Department attended.

Award Giving Ceremony
Outstanding farmers from Tura posed with departmental officials at the Award Giving Ceremony.

Soil & Water Conservation Meghalaya Newsletter. Vol. 6 (6) July - December, 2003