Soil and Water Conservation

Vol.06 Issue No. 06
July - December, 2003

Training Programmes

14th –16th July, 2003

Smti. T. Nongkhlaw, U.D.A. Soil Conservation Shillong attended training on "Clearance of Schemes " at MATI, Shillong.

17th & 18th July, 2003

Following are the Assistant Soil Conservation Officers who attended the training programme on " Development of Non-Forest Wasteland through Agro- Forestry Models in North Eastern Hills Region " at ICAR, Umiam Barapani.

  1. Shri. A. S. Kharlukhi, Assistant Soil Conservation Officer. Shillong (T) Division.
  2. Shri. Walseng A. Sangma. ASCO. Tura (T) Division
  3. Smti. I. Rynjah. ASCO, (Extension) Directorate of Soil Conservation.
  4. Smti. Manjula Ch. Momin, ASCO Tura (T) Division.
  5. Smti. H. Kharpran ASCO, Shillong (T) Division.
  6. Shri. E. Laloo, ASCO, Jowai (T) Division.
  7. Shri. H. Thubru, ASCO, Jowai (CC) Division.
  8. Shri. L. Shabong, ASCO, Nongstoin Division.
  9. Shri. R.V. Jyrwa, ASCO, Ri-Bhoi Nongpoh.
  10. Shri. S.S. Kharsyntiew, ASCO, Nongstoin Division.

31st July, 2003 [CTI – (BYR)]

3rd Batch Advance Training Course of Forester – I, which is of 4 months duration, in which total strength of the trainees was 9(Nine) in number. During the training programme field visit to many places in East, West Khasi and Jaintia Hills Districts has been conducted for different Wild Life Studies. A Study Tour was conducted at Guwahati Zoo and Kaziranga National Park. The trainees are also being taken to Assam Science City and Planetarium at Guwahati. During the passing out ceremony, certificates to the trainees were distributed by Shri D.S. Kharsyntiew, Joint Director of Soil Conservation (R&T) Conservation Training Institute, Byrnihat.

12th August 2003

Shri. F. Rynjah, Soil Conservation Officer attended the State Level workshop on " Disaster Risk Management" held at Hotel Pinewood, Shillong.

9th-19th Sept. 2003

The following officers of the Department attended the Training Programme on "Hydrologic and Sediment Monitoring Course" for small Watershed". This training was designed especially for project officers engaged in Soil and Water Conservation Programme and was held at DVC Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

  1. Shri. D. Khonglah, ASCO, Jowai (T) Division.
  2. Shri. K.Ch. Marak, ASCO, Simsanggre Soil Conservation Division.
  3. Shri. P. Rapthap, ASCO, Nongstoin Soil Conservation Division.

17th-18th November 2003.

Shri. K.W.Marbaniang, DSCO of Shillong (T) attended a National Workshop at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, organized by the State Institute of Rural Development, Govt. of Gujarat.

Transfer and Posting

  • Shri. K.S. Nongkynrih , Instructor of C.T.I. Byrnihat to Soil Conservation Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Shillong.
  • Shri. F. Rynjah, Soil Conservation Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation to Ri-Bhoi Soil Conservation Division, Nongpoh.
  • Shri. D. Warbah, DSCO Ri-Bhoi Division to Conservation Training Institute, Byrnihat.
  • Shri Hitler Ch. Marak, L.D. Assistant, Simsanggre Soil Conservation Division promoted as U.D. Assistant and transferred and posted at Shillong Soil Conservation (T) Division, Shillong.

Retirement from Govt. Service

  • Shri. Ganeshwar Rabha, Rubber Tapper, Tura (CC) on the 30th September 2003.
  • Shri. Ragunath Pandey, Cleaner, C.T.I. Byrnihat on the 30th Nov 2003.
  • Shri. Jongbin Marak, chowkidar, Tura (T) on 31st December 2003.

Soil & Water Conservation Meghalaya Newsletter. Vol. 6 (6) July - December, 2003