Soil and Water Conservation

Vol.06 Issue No. 06
July - December, 2003

Exchange Educational Tour

8th October 2003- [DSCO-J(T) ]

Exchange Educational Tour of the District Soil Conservation Officers from Garo and Khasi Hills visited citrus, Rubber plantation and nurseries under Lumshnong Cash Crop Range, Jaintia Hills District whereby, exchange of ideas and interaction between the touring officers and the officers of the District took place.

Horticulture and Plantation Crops Development in Jaintia Hills District, Prospects and Constraint

- Smti. V. Papang,

Divisional Soil Conservation Officer

Introduction:- Horticulture and Plantation crops play a unique role in developing countries like India both in economic and social spheres for improving income, nutritional value particularly in rural masses and for maintaining ecological balance as well as in checking soil erosion.

Prospects :- The agro climate conditions of Jaintia Hills District are well suited for growing of a wide range of fruits and plantation crops such as Temparate and Sub-Tropical fruit crops in the Northern and central uplands and tropical fruit crops and plantation crops in the lower Eastern and Southern parts of the District bordering Assam and Bangladesh.

At present, Orange, Arecanut, Betelvine, etc., are grown widely in the War Jaintia, Lumshnong and Umkiang Areas. The Soil and Water Conservation Department has taken up cultivation of Non-Traditional Plantation Crops such as Rubber, Coffee and Cashew and lands available for their cultivation are usually barren, steep sloppy lands or jhummed, stony wastelands with the main aim to serve not only as reforestation for checking soil erosion and conserve water but to provide economic returns also.

Constraints:- In Jaintia Hills the major constraints that hinder Horticulture and Plantation Crops Development are absence of good, reliable, certified seed firms/Nurseries for supply of planting materials, lack of proper marketing, processing and technology and non-availability of cheap, regular labour (the minimum daily wage of male labourer ranges from Rs.80/- to Rs.100/- per manday).

Conclusion :- With good scope for Horticulture and Plantation Crops Development in the District, the Department may, perhaps, make an effort to raise more good, reliable seedlings/planting materials not only on horticulture but on plantation species also and supply the farmers at a subsidized rate. There is also a good potential of market for the NGOs, other organizations and private parties to set up nurseries in the District. To ensure the beneficiaries participation for development of departmental plantation preference should be given to land-owners, either private or community, who are willing to work as labourers or engage their family members or local members as labourers as this will ensure regular and proper maintenance of plantations and gaining of proper technical skills and experience by the owners when the plantations are handed over to them.


15th September, 2003: (CTI-BYR)

The annual Passing Out Ceremony of the 30th batch of Field Assistant Course was held at the Conservation Training Institute, Byrnihat. Altogether 13 nos. of trainees passed out during the year. Of these, four are from Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council, four from Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, two from Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, one from Assam Soil Conservation Department and two from Meghalaya Soil Conservation Department.

The function was presided over by Shri K.L. Tariang, Director of Soil Conservation. The Chief Guest at the function was the Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation, Shri P.W. Muktieh who distributed the Certificates and Awards to the successful candidates. In his speech, the Minister urges the trainees to pass on what they have learned to the people so that they can take good care of the environment. The vote of thanks was offered by Shri A. Syiem, Joint Director of Soil Conservation (Hq).

Shri P.W. Muktieh, Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation, Meghalaya, presenting Certificate to the Trainees
Shri P.W. Muktieh, Hon’ble Minister of Soil Conservation, Meghalaya, presenting Certificate to the Trainees.

Soil & Water Conservation Meghalaya Newsletter. Vol. 6 (6) July - December, 2003